Ayurveda Massage

Ayurvedic Oil Massage

Pouring organic ayurvedic warm oil on a back before an abhyanga massage

Abhyanga comes from the Sanskrit word Sneha which means both Oil and Love. It is the act of anointing the body with oil and it refers to be of a similar psychological effect of when one is saturated with love.

This full body flow massage is performed using Ayurvedic warm oils. The whole body is massaged from toe to head. This massage facilitates the flow of energy and balances the three Doshas.

It is a sacred Indian practice which renews harmony to the body and the mind by nourishing the body tissues, improving the circulatory system and strengthening the lymphatic and immune systems. It nourishes and calms the nervous system.

The Abhyanga reduces stress, fatigue and has a positive effect on our emotional states of the mind.

Marion's service is both practical, as she came to my place, and a great experience. I like that she called me in advance to tell me what to expect and to ask any questions that I might have. It made me very comfortable. It was my first Ayurvedic massage. I liked the experience as it was so relaxing (I slept very well that night). It also leaves your skin very soft. I will undoubtedly ask Marion to come and see me again. I highly recommend her services. - Frédérique N.